Interior Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner 5LTR

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Elite’s is a gentle but effective cleaner, perfect for safely removing built up dirt and grime from your delicate leather materials.
Leather Cleaner is suitable for all finished leather surfaces, and will clean general dirt, from mud to sweet residues with ease. This product will loosen and effectively remove the grime in one, rinse free, application.
How to use
Work on a small area at a time, and ensure (particularly in warm conditions) the product doesn’t dry out on the surface.
For light soiling, simply spray Leather Cleaner onto a soft micro fibre cloth, work the product into the surface, and then wipe/buff with a fresh dry cloth.

Uniquely mild formula
Gently removes ingrained grime
Leaves supple finish
Contains natural soaps 
Requires no rinsing
High quality fragrance